We are specialized as a manufacturer in small objects like precision parts, with small oil-impregnated bearings being our major products. We try to progress our research and development on a daily basis to adapt to dramatically changing paradigms and actively approach developments from various fields. Please feel free to contact us especially if you are developing and designing engineers. We will be immediately visiting and helping you.

Please take advantage of Heiwa Sangyo'd Peace-lon that challenges new era.

Ask anything freely about small bearings and precision parts.

  • About new technical developments
  • Designing know-how
  • About new technology and material, etc.
  • Plain questions on technology

There is possibility that something that did not exist in the past could be useful in the future.

  • Compound technology of sintered metal and resin
  • Use of fusion material of metal powder and resin
  • Nonporosity technology that makes nonporous a part of porous material, a characteristic of sintered metal
Example 1
Despite being an oil-impregnated bearing, burning fluorine resin on its sliding surface to realize torque reduction and noise prevention: slide-base bearings for printers etc.
Example 2
Conductive non-oil-impregnated bearings, created by making fluorine resin conductive and sintering surface of the bearing (bearings for printers etc)
Example 3
Poreless metal with its charasteristic as an oil-impregnated bearing even progressed, lengthening its life time with no leakage or escape of impregnating oil. Combined with these, lengthening the life time with high oil content with an oil tank provided inside the volume. (fan motors etc)
Example 4
Inserted metal fittings made from sintered metal. We have a forging technology with which mass production and prevention of leakage are possible and shorter schedule and lower price can be realized. (inserted metal fittings with a retainer) material: brass, bronze, steel and copper, iron. Let us consult with you about your case.

Here are documents of designing.


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