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Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.:
A leading company in sitered precision device parts

ピースロンAfter designing a small hand-made automatic powder forming machine in 1961, we started producing about 20,000 oil-impregnated bearings (oilless bearings) for micromotors monthly. Since then, we have been consistently creating precision device parts using sintered metal, among which small impregnated bearings (trademark: Peace-lon) have been our major products.

Today we supply a billion and hundreds million pieces more of products per year, which enables us to contribute to society. Throughout the years we have designed and manufactured major production facilities (powder forming machines, secondary forming machines, sintering furnaces, polishing machines for metal only, impregnating devices, bearing testing machines, washing machines etc.) and have our own production lines.

Sintered metal is a product that is created by a technology where metal powder is sintered in a high-temperature sintering furnace after it goes through compression molding and injection molding. The small Peace-lon bearings that are produced through this method utilize its material effectively, which enables us to save resources, and have possibility to meet limitless requirements in the future. We in Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. are willing to keep creating new products we did not have in the 20th century through our knowledge and experience we have earned up until now.

Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Company creed
Management principle
Offer high quality and contribute to society
Policy on quality
Offer perfect products to gain customers' trust
Pursue better cost performance under the motto "small in number, exceptional in talent"


Company name Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Trademark Peace-lon
Head office
Buzo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0025
TEL. 048-861-7401 FAX. 048-861-7400
Sales Department
4-21-11 Buzo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 336-0025
TEL. 048-864-2231 FAX. 048-866-3331
Technology Support Center
4108-400 Nishikaruizawa, Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano 389-0206
TEL. 0267-32-6200 FAX. 0267-32-3221

Date of establishment April 1, 1961
Amount of stated capital 10 million yen
Representative of corporation Koichi Otake, Chairman and executive director
Masayuki Otake, President and representative director
Employee number 60
Business lineup Production and sales of sintered alloy products and precision device parts

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April, 1961 Koichi Otake, current chairman and executive director, founded company in Kasuga-machi, Warabi, Saitama, with the objective of producing and selling ultra-small sintered alloy products
April, 1964 Foundation of Heiwa Sangyo Inc. as a corporation in Higashi Ogu, Arakawa, Tokyo. Amount of stated capital: 400,000 yen
August, 1965 Amount of stated capital: 1,000,000 yen
April, 1966 Adopted corporate symbol. Registrated the trademark Peace-lon.
June, 1966 Constructed a new factory in Tsuji 7-chome, Urawa, Saitama, and at this time the head office moved
October, 1967 Heiwa Sangyo Inc. was reorganized as Heiwa Sangyo Co., Ltd. to inherit the whole organization
December, 1968 Amount of stated capital: 10,000,000 yen
August, 1969 Constructed head office and factory in Tsuji, Urawa, Saitama
February, 1973 Constructed Urawa Peace-lon in 8-chome, Tsuji, Urawa to increase production
April, 1980 Sales Department and Development Department were unified as Sales Head Office and constructed Head Office at Urawa Peace-lon factory.
September, 1983 Karuizawa Peace-lon constructed and Manufacturing Department moved there, which enabled remarkable increase in production
December, 1984 Licencing agreement was contracted with Chengdu Electric Factory, China
January, 1985 Introduced a new CI project on marks and Peace-lon brand logo to respond businessexpansion and development
October, 1987 Constructed the Second Karuizawa Peace-lon factory. Urawa Peace-lon was closed and Manufacturing Department moved to the Second Karuizawa Peace-lon factory.
April, 1989 Licencing contract was signed with Chengdu Heping Powder Metallurgy Inc.
August, 1990 Established Heiwa Industry (Dalian) Co. Ltd. and started operation in Technical Development Zone Standard Factory.
April, 1992 Constructed new head office building in Buzo, Urawa and Head Office moved.
October, 1993 Constructed new company building of Heiwa Industry (Dalian) in Technical Development Zone in Dalian, China, moving from Standard Factory.
July, 1994 Shanghai Peace Metallurgy Co. Ltd (joint enterprise) was established.
August, 1998 Constructed the second factory of Heiwa Industry (Dalian) in Technical Development Zone in Dalian, China.
November, 2000 Acquired ISO9001 quality management system certification.
October, 2001 Established Peace-lon Co. Ltd in Hong Kong and agent sales contract signed.
October, 2003 Foundation of Peace-lon (Zhuhai) Co. Ltd and licencing contract was signed.
July, 2005 Merged Shanghai Peace Metallurgy Co. Ltd (joint enterprise) to establish Shanghai Peace Powder Metallurgy Co. Ltd. and a factory completed.
April, 2011 50th foundation anniversary, ceremony was canceled due to Great East Japan Earthquake
April, 2012 Achievements were announced for 50th foundation anniversary project, company trip carried out
April, 2016 55th foundation anniversary ceremony was held
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