Privacy Policy

About the personal information we treat

About the use of personal information

We use personal information of customers such as addresses and names for the purposes described below. We also clarify that we will not use personal information of customers for other purposes than noted below without customers' consent.

1. Send customers printed promotions, e-mails and make phonecalls for our products and services.

2. Provide customers' personal information for our offices, subsidiary and related companies through printed or electrical media.

Establishing protection system of personal information

We establish a system for our executives as well as employees to make them recognize importance of the protection of personal information and protect personal information approptiately.

Collecting, using and providing personal information

We formulate rules concerning the treatment of collecting, using and providing personal information in our company and treat personal information appropriately.

Security control measures

We take security control measures such as information security measures, among others, and endeavor to prevent access to or loss, damage, modification and leakage of personal information in order to maintain its accuracy and security.

Respecting the right of information subjects

We respect the right of information subjects concerning personal information and observe laws to disclose, correct, add, delete or stop providing it for a third party at the request of him or her.

Observing laws

We observe laws of personal information protection and other related guidelines concerning the treatment of personal information.

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