We have more than 250 kinds of Peace-lon bearing products and manufacture 200 to 300 million of them per month.

Peace-lon is the brand and trade name of small-sized oil-impregnated bearings and is a trademark of products belonging to Heiwa Sangyo.

Micro-motor bearings for digital device and information device

With precision motors used to implement subtle and complicated motions in high-tech devices taken as an example, a sintered oil-impregnated bearing, which is a major Peace-lon product, can properly receive rotations of those motors. Peace-lon bearings play active roles behind the scenes as important parts that are vital to performance of those motors, and even of the devices themselves.

Having a line up of 250 and more, and 200 to 300 million pieces manufactured monthly, Peace-lon can be described as a driving force behind high-tech industry.


High quality and high precision
We will correspond to the wide range of various sintered precision mechanical parts from technical development to production with our unique techniques.
  1. Consulting
  2. Technical and creation development
  3. Hardware technical development
  4. Sintering metal technology know-how
Reliable systems of production and supply
  1. We have developed metal powder technology and know-how of raw material.
  2. We design production facilities and metal molds for ourselves and have established our own unique development facilities.
  3. Under natural environment and in factories with constant temperature and low humidity change, we can produce products with high quality and precision having no irregularity.
  4. We pursue high quality and precision, performing torque and life time tests.
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