Do we need to ask you to remake a new metal mold if we want to change your production site?
The metal mold is universal at any of our factories. Also, material, production facilities, production methods are common, so that you don't need to remake any new metal mold. Even you change the production site, you can maintain the same quality and performance.
We cannot determine the material or impregnated oil appropriate for our service condition.
We would be very delighted if you ask us. We will recommend the most appropriate material and impregnated oil through our long-term experience and technique as a powder metallurgical professional manufacturer. We have materials of copper base, steel base, steel and copper base, brass base, SUS base, Tungsten base, etc., and we determine the impregnated oil from the viscosity range of 10cSt to 200cSt of mineral oil, synthetic oil and fluorine oil. If the viscosity is too low, the resistance is small, but oil film is easy to be cut and if the viscosity is too high, the oil film strength is strong, but the resistance is too big. We will recommend you the appropriate oil for your usage and purpose.
How long is the life limit of bearings?
Assuming the life time of the bearing when it had lost the function as a bearing due to the long-hour operation, they are divided into two, (1) Performance decrement due to the ablation of impregnated oil, and (2) Performance decrement due to the bearing friction.
Assuming the life time for general bearings when the amount of oil impregnation is consumed 50%. The actual record of the Peace-Lon bearing is the amount of oil impregnation is 0.005g per piece with over 10,000 hours operation.
The functional decline is under the condition of PV value 100Mpa/m/sec., and for the friction amount of bearings is less than 0.005mm in 3,000 hours after starting the operation, as the evaluated result.
Is the Peace-Lon only for the oil-impregnated bearing?
Peace-Lon is also for the mechanical parts such as gear and pulley. We manufacture small precision mechanical parts with the outer diameter under ★15 and provide technique as a small parts professional. In addition, we make high gravity mechanical parts such as counter weight for vibration motors.
How do you produce the parts?
Mixing the raw material powder, compression forming by pressing, sintering, second forming, impregnation, then, the finished product. Please refer to the production process in our company brochures and website. We make the objective products, combining metals to make a metal block by compression forming metal powder and sintering it.
Please inform about the bearing length.
Generally, it should be the same length as the inner diameter of the bearing or up to about 1.5 times, however it's preferable to be considered based on the application. The bearing dimension can be selected by the load condition (load peripheral velocity) PV value on the bearing. We will advise you on your request.
Are you working on the environmental issue?
Our company policy is "to preserve the environment and provide perfect products and obtain the trust from the customers.", and our priority is to consider global environment.
All the products of Peace-Lon do not include any material designated by RoHS. In addition, we have the actual results as a certified company as a green partner for other companies.
Is there any price difference depending on the material?
Of course, there may be less or more of the material cost depends on the kinds of raw materials. However, it really does not mean that copper is expensive and steel is inexpensive. They all are calculated according to the number of orders or materials. For example, in the case that the material is copper, sintering cost is inexpensive due to the sintering temperature. On the other hand, for pure steel or alloy steel, material cost is inexpensive but sintering cost is expensive, etc. We may not be able to determine whether it's expensive or not depends on the material in the case of ultra small sized bearings we provide. Our sales department will quote if you provide us the details.
How many pieces can you make for the prototype?
First, we require the cost of metal mold for the prototype. 10 to 100 pcs of the products would be OK. However, if you cannot afford to pay the cost of metal mold, and if we have stock for the material you need, then we add cutting process to make the designated shape. In this case, cutting process charge is 1,000 to 3,000 yen per piece. However, the minimum charge is 30,000 yen and the quantity is within 10 pieces. Please inquire with your required dimension.
Are there any new products recently developed?
Our company develops products by combining raw materials (combination and preparation) on a constant basis. There are 2 to 3 items a year developed even they are not in the company brochures or catalogs. We will introduce our latest products appropriate for your purpose.
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